At Boulder U-Fix-It Clinic events, people bring all sorts of broken appliances, toys, electronics, clothing, and jewelry and work with volunteer coaches to learn hands-on repair skills. A set of tools is available for each participant to use.

Appliances, toys, tools ...

  • Small appliances – toasters, vacuums, blenders, etc.
  • Lamps
  • Electronic games and toys
  • Power tools
  • Sewing machines
  • Furniture

If you have the replacement part or specialized tool you’ll need, bring it with you.

Fabric/clothing repair

  • Mending (missing button, rip in seam, tear in fabric)
  • Hemming (too short or too long)
  • Minor alterations (take in at sides, shorten plain sleeves, etc.)
  • If you have the missing button, a fabric to patch with or a matching thread, etc. please bring it with you!


  • Broken clasps, restringing, chain repairs, re-assembly
  • Lengthen/shorten necklaces/bracelets


  • Ongoing virtual clinics - various dates and times, via video conference, with other Fix-It Clinics and Repair Cafes around the world.
  • Jul 12, 2020, 1-4pm - Virtual - Signup
  • ? Sep 13, 2020, 1-4pm - Virtual - Signup
  • ? Nov 8, 2020, 1-4pm - Virtual - Signup
  • ? TBD, 1-4pm Boulder JCC


Right to Repair:

Join the Boulder U-Fix-It Clinic Google group to receive messages about upcoming clinics, volunteer to be a coach, and share ideas about repairs. Comments? Questions? Contact us at